Who we are

IMON Wireless Solutions builds highly scalable, high performance IT applications and solutions. Our area of expertise includes intranet, extranet, wireless and client server technologies. We have successfully deployed applications involving business to business wireless WAN, LAN Ethernet networks, broadband satellite networks, database management system, etc. We provide expertise in re-engineering, rebuilding and optimizing a pre existing application and network..

IMON is based in Georgetown, Guyana and provides IT services to Guyana and the Caribbean. We provide our clients with very high quality software and hardware services at competitive prices. Our expertise allows for delivery of services and hardware in timely and cost effective way and is oriented towards global competitiveness. Our work force is equipped with unique skills and capabilities required to meet our client's most diverse and demanding needs. Our rates are one of

the most competitive in the industry and help boost our client's ROI. Designing and developing innovative solutions is our forte. With over 6 years of experience in Information Technology development, our creative ideas, proven frameworks and experienced professional’s deliver ground-up, but state of the art I.T. solutions that address customer needs. We combine best-of-breed technologies to help our customers accomplish business goals.


What we do

IMON Wireless Solutions offers a wide variety products and service to allow customers the ability achieve their communication needs. The company provides its clients will solutions that will allow them to be efficient and effective while allowing them to be cost effective. Simplicity is always on the forefront of our designs while tailoring each solution to your individual requirements.

Our pre-sales teams will examine each client’s requirements and provide reliable concepts towards achieving client goals. By carefully listening to our clients and working along with them each step of the way, our customers is provided with a sense of confidence that their needs will be met within their specified timeline.

Featured services

Satellite Internet - Vsat

This service will allow customers to have access to the World Wide Web through our satellite network.

Network Design and Installation; Consultancy

IMON will design, install, and administrate a network for interested clients so that their information within their computers can be shared around the specified workplace.

Wireless Wifi Broadband

While cable and DSL deployments have been underway for several ways, operators have been slow to launch wireless networks......

Hardware Sales and Support

Through our strategic alliances we at IMON can facilitate various types of leasing and purchasing options to suit your needs..

IsatPhone Pro

When it comes to what you really need in a satellite phone, IsatPhone Pro delivers. Purpose-built for the most reliable satellite communications network in the world....