Banking and Financials Services

Our VSAT solutions allow for continuity of business services for around the clock availability. It provides organizations with the ability to extend their point of presence thus increasing opportunities for its customers.

Energy and Utilities

Energy agencies require real-time connectivity in order to maintain mission critical systems and operations. Systems monitoring, controlled remote equipment restarts and alarm monitoring are all covered by our vast array of solutions.


Our maritime solutions connects people with systems. Our solutions allows for families to connect with relatives. It provides entertainment while being off-shore and in remote areas. It connects maritime vessels with the much needed connectivity to local authorities in the event of emergencies and information sharing.


Government communication is an integral part to any major economy. With cities in the region being spread among vast geographical locations, our solutions allows for instant connectivity of services to it citizens in real-time.

We provide an array of secure communications solutions for military and government applications. With our various connected solutions we have developed solutions to meet any government demanding requirement and mission success.

Oil and Gas Sector

In an industry that demands to stable, reliable and fast communications, communications that meets and exceeds the harsh and unique environment, IMON has put together solutions to provide this industry. 

The demand for broadband bandwidth solutions and world-class technical support can be met with the use of our satellite connectivity solutions that provide speeds up to 100 Mbps. Our solutions empower companies to provide workers and management with real-time data management and the ability to support mission critical applications.

Solutions for Every Industry