Network Design, Installation and Support

IMON Wireless Solutions provides consulting services in the form of design, implementation and support for client's IT business solutions. We provide the services clients needs to streamline their information technology infrastructure both new and old, so that they can streamline their business practices and focus on improving their day to day operations.

We assist you  to securely integrate and support data, voice and video networks, design intelligent network infrastructures, leverage new technologies and quickly seize opportunity in order to connect, run and grow your business. Our experts ensure that the result is an efficiently managed network, and roll-outs driven by your budget cycle.

We can transform your strategy into tactical plans that will deliver the greatest return to your organization. And, with our experience and resources, we can help you quickly and effectively turn these plans into reality.

IMON’s technical consulting teams can assist you in several important ways, including:

  • Ensure system designs are in line with your desired technology and platform requirements.

  • Verify your systems are configured and designed for rapid deployment to deliver the promised applications and services.

  • Help organizations prevent potential problems and avoidable delays by ensuring you are working with current and complete information. This is made possible by our global service infrastructure and network of partners who, working in concert, can assess your current network and operating environment to provide a framework for planning and optimization.

  • Eliminate the need to pull your internal resources from their current projects or spend money on specialized test equipment. We can quickly acquire the necessary knowledge to implement your network with confidence.

In short, IMON’s Consulting Services transform operator strategies into tactical plans reduce capital expenditures and deliver the best return on your investments.