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IMON Wireless Solutions Inc. is a provider of reliable, fully customized, turn-key satellite communications solutions. Our Solutions aim to provide global coverage for any business relying on communications utilizing our teleports located in the United States of America and Columbia.


Communication impacts how fast you grow and how effective you are at competing. At IMON Wireless Solutions Inc. there is no location too remote, no environment too extreme and no challenge we find impossible to meet. We combine a deep understanding of our customers with years of experience and knowledge. In addition, we put subject matter experts on the ground with our customers to help them solved their most challenging technical and operational problems.


Oil & Gas companies today require the best connectivity solutions from exploration through production. That means multiple access technology options, a host of IT solutions and applications and tools to keep operations running on a budget. IMON Wireless Solutions Inc. can help you go further-geographically and

operationally to maintain your competitive edge.


The Oil & Gas industry under constant pressure to improve safety and operational results, IMON Wireless Solutions Inc. can help you adopt the latest connectivity technologies for supporting crew welfare and monitoring operations. IMON Wireless Solutions Inc. also offers loT solutions that collect and assess big data and communicate offshore analytics and results in near real-time.


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